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105,878 virtual years of farming!

二月 13, 2012 留下评论


We posted last week the power of gaming on facebook – these statistics are mind-blowing! We’re curious to see what is your favourite game to play online?


Air China in Sweden

二月 10, 2012 留下评论


What does Air China, Sweden and great food have in common? A tasty facebook and foursquare campaign! “Check out” this video!


Using social media in your business

二月 10, 2012 留下评论


10 great tips on how to use social media with your business! Well written and straight to the point. “Being social is something you are, not something you do!”


Love at Starbucks?

二月 10, 2012 留下评论


Want to find love on Valentine’s Day? Next week, check-in with Starbucks and they will show you some love with free coffee! You could also meet someone new who catches your eye! It will be interesting to see the success of this Jiepang campaign. We’re curious, have you ever used Jiepang and unlocked anything cool?

Check in for some love at Starbucks on Valentine's Day (Youku Video Link)


Small world?

二月 9, 2012 留下评论


Do you think the world is becoming “smaller”? Social media connects people around the world so that it is probable that there are now roughly between three and four degrees of seperation. A friend of mine = 1 degree, A friend of theirs = 2 degrees, etc. The power of social media is amazing! Do you have any “small world” stories to share?


Reward Advertising on Zynga

二月 9, 2012 留下评论


Zynga has been operating for over four years on Facebook and has around 200 million active users each month. With their expansion into China on Tencent last year it seems relevant to see how “gamification” has been a great tool for social media marketing campaigns on Facebook. Virtual currency is created by either direct purchase or completing online tasks or incentives, often sponsored by companies creating addictive engaging content within the game and ultimately selling their products!


History of Twitter

二月 8, 2012 留下评论



A great visual to explain some interesting historical facts about twitter. 1 in 5 twitter users are inactive and 5% of users create 75% of content – incredible statistics show that most users are simply followers. How do you think Chinese Weibo compare? Share with us any statistics you find intriguing!